It’s movie marathon day: Christmas Time

It’s Christmas time, I smell the snow perfume in the air… and a lot of pollution. But I cover it all with cinnamon! I love to prepare cinnamon raisin rolls. Well, I love to eat them all year long, but cinnamon smell is a bit Christmassy, don’t you think? Ok, I’m going off target.
It’s the time of the month when I wander in my mind to search some relevant movies to create a fantabubble movie marathon. It’s December so it’s obvious that my mind goes on Christmas movies, but the films I watch this time of the year are not always Christmassy. Well, the best movies for Christmas for me are the Harry Potter’s. But I can’t tell you to watch Harry Potter every time I make a movie marathon. So I thought about what Christmas is for me. And for me Christmas time is an eighties/nineties celebration. You know, all those red and green, colourful light, it’s a kitsch holiday! Well, I chose between millions of movies I watched during the 80’s and 90’s and I’m not sure I chose the best:

  • Mickey’s Christmas Carol (1983), directed by Burny Mattinson, with Mickey Mouse and Scrooge McDuck (It’s beautiful to present them as actors). It’s a medium length movie, but is as important as a long one. It’s THE Christmas story, but with Mickey Mouse it’s better. Well, I was hesitant because there is also that one with Bill Murray and you know how much I love him… But, Mickey is the best when we talk about Christmas!
  • The NeverEnding Story (1984), directed by Wolfgang Petersen, with Noah Hathaway and Barret Oliver. It’s a German movie and I believe that if you didn’t watch it you have something to hide. It’s a must, it’s the fantasy film that children need to grow up happy.
  • Little Women (1994), directed by Gillian Armstrong, with Winona Ryder, Gabriel Byrne and Christian Bale. And a lot of other amazing actors. Louisa May Alcott was my favourite writer when I was a child and Little Women my favourite book. So imagine when in 1994 I saw that someone made a movie out of it with these brilliant actors. You have to see it.

Which are THE Christmas movies for you?



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