Have a sit, please

Yay! We have the chairs! And I assembled them al alone! So, this sentence will have made you understand that we bought them at Ikea. I was not so sure about black chairs with a white table, but we have also a black sofa, so all together are cute.

from ikea.com

This one up is the Ikea site photo, cuter than mine! We chose the Stefan chairs, you can also see and buy them here at this link
They’re very cheap, simple but also resistant and lightweight. We bought four, but maybe other two chairs are needed, so I am thinking: “What about buying the other two chairs different from these?” I will let you know. Maybe two white chairs? I would like to have some advices from you!

We also bought 4 cushions for the seats, you can see and buy them here at this link. They make the chair a lot more comfortable.


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