Home inspirations: desks

My boyfriend and I are two home people. We love to stay at home, we love our computer, but the difference between us two is that I don’t really need a desk because with my Mac I can stay everywhere: on the couch, on the dining table, sometimes at the park nearby…

But he has a lot of “computer’s components” (from the Arcade Stick for Street Fighter to the second screen to see everything simultaneously and lot of other stuff). So we had to search for a good desk for my lovely computer scientist/gamer/artist.

from architecturaldigest.com

If you search “desk” on the internet, by the way, there are a lot of examples but a bit girly or, as in the photo here above from Architectural Digest (here’s the link to the article), too little. This desk is really beautiful, vintage wood, with a black top, a space on the front for books, but how can we put a pc, a 32″ screen, a keyboard, a playstation… (I can go on till winter) on it? We need a bigger one.

from jungalow.com
from elledecor.com

This two from The Jungalow (here’s the link to the article) and Elle Decor (here’s the link to the article) are simpler but better for all the stuff they would have to contain. I love these desks that remind me of my grandfather, who was a carpenter and restorer, and used easel to hold wood he had to work on.

These desks aren’t wider enough but I think that the style suits to my boyfriend’s needs.

from maisonsdumonde.com

Last but not least, this from Maisons du Monde (here’s the link) is our favourite for now. You know that we love industrial design, so how couldn’t we like this one? We love steel and wood together, we love the little chest of drawers with wheels. But we don’t have so much money sooo… you know where we went and tomorrow you’ll see what we chose! Stay tuned!


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