Energetic healing as soul medication

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As I started to think that I had to heal myself from negativity and anxiety, I decide to open widely my mind towards something new. Something new that could help me to recharge my soul.

I’m lucky to have a friend, Anna, that is an energetic healer. She guided me into the complementary therapies (I can tell you that part of these therapies are pranotherapy and reiki, if these words are more common for you).

The energetic healing consist of, first, a check-up of your chakras (they’re supposed to spin in one way or the other to get energy, or to reject energy).
Anna says: “When they are not spinning at all, the chakras don’t get or reject any energy and there’s a “blockage”. If they’re just spinning in diagonal or only going left to right, for example, there is also some kind of a blockage or it will be, if we don’t help.

Then, the second step: what the energetic healer does is to use the pendulum to know what work as to be done to help the chakras functioning properly. Then she either uses her hands, her pendulum, smudge sticks, candles, her voice, songs etc to do the work.

Everything is vibration so anything can help.”

Then most of the time she realigns your whole énergies from feet (ground) to head (spirit, divine connection).

This whole session, where I work on the energies, is based on the help soften and “fluidify” the énergies of the body (chakras, aura and meridians) in order to let it flows in harmony.
So it is supposed to help creating harmony, and peace also within body, mind, emotions etc
Helping to reconnect with yourself. A fluid energy helps clarifying thoughts for example, or emotions…

It is a global healing of the body’s energies.

Where am I during all this? I’m lying down, I close my eyes and I try to relax. Sometimes I’m there, sometimes with my mind I’m in a really cool and relaxing place that I’ll not share with you because it’s all mine. Meditation is one of the most beautiful things that I’m learning of, but it’s so difficult. It works when I’m with Anna.

What can I say, I feel recharged, I feel that I have a new confident, not only a friend, a professionist, who helps me in a different way than the psychologist does. I, of course, continue my road with the psychologist. The energetic healer and the psychologist are complementary and they are working on different parts of me.

Anna has also suggested me some stones that can help me: she found what should be my stone, the quarz hematoide; it should relax me and help me focus on what’s important. Then she suggested me to buy two snowflakes obsidians that can help me re-equilibrate my body in different moment. I can meditate lying down on the bed, for example, with one stone over my head and one under my feet.

It’s a difficult discipline to comprehend, I’m aware of that. But I believe in the power of nature and this is simply what it is.

(This was of course only a little part of what you can do with the energetic healing and I’m only an observer and a tester!)

WHat do you think about the energetic therapies?

Anna’s Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/gaia_nna/