King Charles, the king of modern english folk pop

King Charles is the right musician for you if you are a romantic hipster and a moustaches lover. I like english folk pop and I discovered this folk singer in 2012 through his Mississippi Isabel single. Very cute video. In his first album LoveBlood he sings about love in a tragicomic way, as a medieval wandering minstrel in dandy clothes. “She kissed me once I took her out for lunch, she never kissed me again.”

He is the common modern folk singer, nothing to do with the big folk singers of the 20th century (Bob Dylan, Buddy Holly, etc.). But I think his music is likeable and the new album Gamble for a rose is a sort of evolution of his alternative and romantic side. The first single Gamble for a rose is nothing new but it’s something you can choose to relax in your lazy weekend. Piano is always the strongest instrument in every song (played by him).

King Charles works together also with other indie musicians, as Mumford and sons.



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