Jessica Louise, a new voice of indie R&B

You know, I love different kinds of indie music. This time I found a Long Beach native indie R&B singer-songwriter, Jessica Louise. Her voice is angelic, but also lightly raspy, like the queens of jazz. Her debut EP is Voices and it’s a mixture of neo soul, future R&B and acoustic soul. You can hear it and buy it here on her site. This title come from personal life of Jessica: she lost her voice due to nodules and find it again through writing; in my opinion, now it has a marvellous shade. Her words: “I release this [album] with one wish. That you discover your own voice and use it to make your difference. It’s the road less traveled and it’s a harder one to be on, but as Robert Frost says, it’s the one that makes all the difference.”

Her video Secrets reached 10000 views on Youtube. She’s also a cover singer and performs Coldplay, Lauryn Hill, Alicia Keys, but most of all she loves Amy Winehouse and Jhene Aiko, also her inspirations.


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