Flora natural product

I started to care about my under-eye region. It is an important and very delicate part of your face. I wear glasses so mine is almost grey and ruined because it doesn’t take enough sun. So I tried the Rosa Mosqueta line by Flora. Flora is an Italian laboratory of natural products. They make body and face products, essential oils, nutritional supplements, infusions, phytocosmetics and perfumes.

Rosa Mosqueta is a collection of oils for body and face, made with rosa mosqueta oil (a type of rose). I chose Olio Plus Contorno Occhi for under-eye region. It is a revitalising oil, not only for wrinkles but also to restore elasticity and smoothness. I am in the thirty-something range and I think this is a great product for an intense program of eye renovation. It’s easy to use: put only few drops with the dropper under your eyes and gently massage the area. Now this oil has also a new elegant packaging (you can see it here), perfect for a gift.

Flora products have no dyes, no preservatives, no synthetic substances, no petroleum derivatives.


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