The Heavy: indie rock band from Bath

I discovered the english band The Heavy in 2009 on Mtv Brand New with the record Sixteen from they’re second album The house that dirt built. I loved them at a glance, their soul mixed with funky/indie rock sounds was wonderful. The singer, Kelvin Swaby, has a beautiful scratchy voice, that gives some jazzy tones at the songs. I immediately thought about a new mod revival, not that one of the eighties, but something like Mod 3.0: the clothes, the super indie videos, I thought that Martin Freeman would have appreciated.

The third EP, The glorious dead, was, in my opinion, an introspective album with a lot of love songs, something I really liked. Then, the single How you like me now? (from the second EP The house that dirt built) began the soundtrack of almost everything from 2012 till today and they got famous in the U.S. and started to be more American than before. You know, British rockers and American rockers are different. The former are usually more sophisticated and well dressed and the latter are, well, more rockers. In the new songs I hear more adrenaline and energy; the new album Hurt and Merciless is amazing because it preserves all the vintage rock they used to play, but has a bit of American taste. I really appreciate the continuous exploration of sounds and the evolution, they’re never the same, but they’re always The Heavy. Do you know what I mean? By the way, I totally love Nobody’s hero, a bit tex-mex.

What is your favourite song from The Heavy? Which album do you prefer?


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