L’Amande, 130 years of pureness

The L’Amande website is not as modern as it should be, but it’s an historical Italian company and you can find its product all around Europe. It was one of the most important soap factories during the golden years of Marseilles soap-making tradition (the end of the XIX century and the beginning of the XX century). And today is one of the most ancient soap brands in the world.

I tried the two body lotions from Rosa Suprema collection and Antalya collection. Even if they have aromatic essential oils, they’re scent is not annoying. I don’t like lotions with a lot of perfume. Antalya body cream scents of tulip and Rosa Suprema obviously of rose.They have no parabens, no mineral oils or silicons and no artificial colours. They are soft to the touch and fresh on the skin. Not the oily or buttery lotions that dry after some hours. It is perfect for normal skin.

And you? have you tried some L’Amande products?


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