It’s movie marathon day: are you waiting for Twin Peaks s3?

I am very excited about the new coming season of Twin Peaks. I totally love David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan. I really look forward to see what Lynch invented this time, the only things we know is that it is set on the same place 25 years later and that the prequel movie is very important for the storyline.
A big marathon with the two seasons and the prequel “Fire walk with me” would be too obvious. So I decided to make a movie marathon with the films that inspired David Lynch in the making of Twin Peaks.

  • Vertigo, 1958, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, with James Stewart and Kim Novak. The character of Madeline Ferguson derived by Madeleine Elster and Scottie Ferguson)
  • Laura, 1944, directed by Otto Preminger, with Gene Tierney and Dana Andrews. (It is obviously that this title named Twin Peaks victim Laura Palmer)
  • Sunset Boulevard, 1950, directed by Billy Wilder, with WIlliam Holden and Gloria Swanson. (In both Twin Peaks and Sunset Boulevard there is a man named Gordon Cole)

These are three famous and wonderful noir. You can see a big allusion to these movies in the music Lynch chose, in some framings and other characters names come from them.

I’m a big fan of noir movies so I really like this marathon. Do you like it?


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