Polock, a band from Valencia

Polock is the indie band of the week. They’re Spanish and some days ago they released their latest single, thanks to which I heard them for the first time. It is Roll the dice and the video is very cute. I read that a new album will be release very soon.

I can’t find a lot of news about them, but maybe it is better. You can know them by their music, a pure indie electropop, with some alternative rock inside and a unique Spanish sound. I like them a lot. Perhaps they are inspired by groups like The Strokes, Foster the people, Arctic Monkeys… all indie groups we freaking loved in 2012-2014 and that I miss so mush.

Well, for some examples, in the album Rising up (2014) I like Memories of Lu and in Getting Down from the trees (2010) I prefer Tangerine & Unicorns. What can I say: I like their sound and I’d like to hear some songs in Spanish in the future. In the meantime I wait for the new album!


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