It’s lazy playlist day: Matteo’s playlist!

Today’s playlist is gently offered by my friend Matteo, a man from the North of Italy, in whose soul beat the heart of a Scottish. These playlist I show you every week are meant to relax you for the weekend. So I asked him to help me and make a fantabolous list and this is the result:

  • David Bowie – Suffragette City
  • Gregory Porter – Consequence of love
  • Norah Jones – Carry on
  • Arctic Monkeys – Snap out of it
  • Steve Wonder – Superstition
  • Bee Gees – Night fever
  • Rolling Stones – Shine a light
  • Electric Light Orchestra – All over the World
  • The Darkness – Knockers
  • Regina Spektor – Blue lips
  • Natalie Cole – I’m beginning to see the light

You can listen to it also here on my Spotify.

“My weekend is made by a sort of itinerary in 10 songs through the music I love, plus a bonus track that is a new beginning of the trip.” Matteo
Do you like it? If you don’t you can write him, I’ll give you privately his contact.
Have a nice weekend!


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