Mamonde and its makeup

I totally love Korean make up on Korean girls, so I wanted to try some of it. It is so refined and delicate I wanted on my skin too! I started to search them on, where there are a lot of Korean brands. I chose Mamonde (they don’t test on animals) and bought a Creamy Tint Color Balm Intense (number 16 velvet red) and a Vivid Touch Stick Shadow (number 2 lovely pink). Actually, I didn’t see there were glitter on the eye shadow until I had it in my hands, but I found out they’re very discrete, not the eighties type.img_20170129_132059004
You have to know that my skin is whiter than white so maybe the result is different on your. I think that on a darker skin the eye shadow would stand out more and the result would be more beautiful. But I like it anyway, it is very discrete and perfect for a light make up.

The lipstick is astonishing, I like it a lot. It isn’t long lasting. The colour is vivid ad you can full your lips and make it more intense or use it a bit only to make a shadow (as the Korean girls do).

img_20170129_132249992I think that this make up is also the right think for who wears glasses, like me. The problem with glasses is that if you use a lot of make up, it seem that you have been punched in the face and if you use less, it can be not noticed. So I think this is the best choice.
You can find Mamonde product clicking here.





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