New Politicians, a band from New Jersey

This week I moved from the comfortable bed of pop music and indie music because I discovered something new. Well, not new, but different. New Politician is a band from New Jersey, they write their songs in a wonderful way and they make post punk, alternative rock music.
I discovered their latest album, Remission, by chance and I love it.
It’s bloody obscure and I think that it comes all from their guts, that’s why I think there’s something similar with Nick Cave’s The Bad Seeds. Listen to Been in the wars: Bad Seeds and R.E.M., maybe. Someone hear also some Interpol and U2 (first albums) influences. Therefore, they technically have what it takes to call them post punk.

I personally like Revelator and also The length of our love (from past works), but, you know, I’m a romantic.
Do you like New Politicians? What is your favourite song?


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