Laneige anti-pollution mask

I live in one of the most polluted city of Italy, so I decided to try an anti-pollution mask. This one’s from Laneige, a Korean company, cruelty free. It is made with Hottuynia cordata extract (an Asian plant known in English as fish mint, lizard tail, chameleon plant, heartleaf, fishwort or bishop’s weed) and ginger oil.
It is a normal wet sheet mask with a good flowered perfume. You can put it on for 20 minutes and then gently massage your face to let the skin absorb the cream.
The most important question is: is this mask a real anti-pollution mask? The two ingredients help the skin to repel dust, to block UV with SPF30 and to strengthen skin barrier.

After it my skin is bright and fresh, also a bit more hydrated. Pollution subtract air to the skin, that is visibly more dehydrated and listless. So I think this is the right mask for whom lives in a polluted place like me. Once a week the skin is renovated.
You can find Laneige products here on


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