Innisfree honey mask

This week I tried a honey sheet mask by Innisfree. This company is known worldwide for its high quality beauty products and it is one of the few Korean brands that use organic ingredients certified by the French Ecocert organization.

So, this is a common sheet mask, you wear it on your clean face, wait 15-20 minutes and then, when you remove it, you gently massage to let your skin absorb the remaining cream. Simple and quick.
It has a particular smell: I don’t know if you ever smelled an old jar of honey, whereas it ferments, it as a similar perfume as beer. Yeah, beer. This mask smells like beer. I like it.

Results: my skin looks renovated, it is glowing and well hydrated. I always have problems with dehydrated skin and this mask is perfect. Honey is the right solution for a moisturized and bright face.
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  1. I bought one mask from Innisfree for my feet but I still have to try it and I’m using a toner and so far loving it! Have you tried any other things from them? The brand is quite famous amongst the people I work with.

    1. In Italy this brand is not so famous, I found it on a site and tried this mask for the forst time. But it is my favourite sheet mask, I think it is the best I ever tried.
      Now I’m waiting for the arrive of the feet mask!


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