Rhye: a transoceanic duo

Rhye is an R&B duo composed by the Canadian singer Mike Milosh (aka Milosh) and the Danish instrumentalist Robin Braun (aka Robin Hannibal, member of Boom Clap Bachelors, Quadron and others)Their work together was a mystery until they released their first two singles Open and The Fall.
I think that a lot of people heard the former in a beautiful Victoria’s Secret commercial.
These two songs are both romantic and a bit pop, soul-pop. The soft voice of Milosh is perfectly combined with the elegant and synthetic sounds of Hannibal.

Then, in 2013 they released the first album together with the previously mentioned songs: Woman makes me remember of the R&B of the end of the nineties/early 2000, like Remy Shand (see Take a message) or Sade, with a thin layer of synthetic sound. My favourite song is Last Dance.
I have to thank my friend Anna a lot because she let me know a fantastic duo.


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