Vagabon, a new band from New York

I totally love the discover of this week. Vagabon is an alternative indie pop band from New York. The voice, Laetitia Tamko, is very particular and can reach different sonorities. It is difficult to find something like this nowadays. Their first album has been released a few days ago: Infinite Worlds is an ensemble of various places, sounds, feelings, like a constantly moving galaxy made of infinite things. The album’s title references the book by Dana Ward, “The Crisis of Infinite Worlds”, a book Laetitia found particularly inspiring during her recording process: “I had to think critically while reading Dana Ward, it was exciting to be challenged in that way. While I was writing the album, it was a lot of me thinking critically about how to actualise my ideas, and the challenge of reaching proficiency in new instruments. It sort of mirrored my experience reading Dana Ward’s book. I found myself combing his writing over and over and over until I grabbed something from it.”

My favourite song of the album is Minneapolis, but I also like The Embers a lot (the video is very cute).
They also released a little album 3 years ago, Persian Garden, in which I want to highlight Vermont II (live version in this video).

Do you like this band too?


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