Etude House lip balm

Do you remember those roll on fruit lip-balm we used in middle school? Those that made your lips oiled like you ate a whole fried chicken. Well, this lip-balm, that IRL is named Apricot stick from Etude House, remember me that moment of my life.
It has a nice smell of cherry (there are a lot of different scent and colours)img_20170216_113820481 and it makes your lips hydrated. But, I don’t know, do you think it looks good on my pale lips? I think that it is in the middle between a lip-balm that gives you a little colour and a lipstick that doesn’t stay in its place. The worst thing is that it drools (is it the right verb?).
So, the scent is good, the hydration is medium, but the result is a bit unsatisfying.
But then I thought that maybe I could have the right solution to empower this poor lip-balm. So I took out of my beauty case my old pink lip pencil. It’s a fossil, but I love it and I couldn’t find something similar (yes, I know that make up has an img_20170216_114258657expiry date). Well, I put it on and look how better is the result. The pencil blocks the lip balm that doesn’t go outside my lips. Not bad. But unfortunately I think that this is not enough.

I suggest you to choose a normal lip balm or a better lipstick, this things in a grey area are not the best. Anyway I continue to appreciate Etude House (remember the 3 steps nose patch?) and you can buy its product here on


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