A German duo: Krakòw loves Adana

The German duo Deniz Çiçek and Robert Heitmann are Krakòw loves Adana. Their sound is particular: they use very little instruments, something minimalistic, but it is not what you hear everywhere. Deniz has a singular voice and Robert makes distorded sounds with the guitar.
They succeeded in creating something new in a world where everything exists. Every song is complexed and simple at te same time and can concentrate soft sound and suddenly create a scratchy vibration. So what are they? I can put them in that mix up called Alternative and/or Indie, but I think they would need a new classification.

Their most listened song on Spotify is Omg I missed you , one of their latest single, but my favourite one is Once in July. It is something like Beirut or a sound like that and I prefer the first Krakòw loves Adana.
In fact I really appreciated their first album, released in 2010, Beauty, in which you can hear purely their innovative sound. My favourite song is 1993.

So, hear their music and tell me what you think about them.


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