Tea tree cream

I’ve never tried Tea Tree Oil, but I always heard that it is fantastic and a panacea to all the bad things in the world. Well, I’m trying now a cream with the 30% of Tea Tree Oil, Tea Tree by Pharmalife Research, for a heat rush. A cream version is more delicate than the oil itself; the oil is concentrated and pure on the skin can irritate it.
The smell is very strong but I like it (my boyfriend doesn’t). It is strong as a balsamic oil.
I use it only on the irritated zone after a shower with a Death Sea Salt Soap. This soap really dry my skin and the Tea Tree cream helps to renovate it and soften it.

Tea Tree oil has really good benefits: antibacterial, healing, anti-fungal, purify, anti-irritating, anti-redness, soothing.
These properties makes it useful for:

  • acne problems
  • little wounds
  • dandruff
  • toning massages
  • skin fungus
  • insects bites

and eccetera.

Results: I love it, my skin is protected and repaired, rednesses are gone and I’m waiting for the remaining signs to go away.


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