It’s lazy playlist day: early 2000s

If you were born before the birth of the EU, then you should know every song of this week’s playlist. I was 14 when I was listening this songs, dreaming of a future far far away from Italy. Well, I love Italy now, it’s too beautiful, but that dream is always there inside my mind.
For the moment I’m happy with this list, as a romantic Hegel (fuck you, Philosophy). You can find it also here on my Spotify.

  • Phoenix – If I ever feel better
  • Modjo – Lady
  • Jamiroquai – You give me something
  • Moloko – Sing it back
  • The Ones – Flawless
  • Fat Boy Slim – Sunset
  • Daft Punk – One more time
  • Roger Sanchez – Another chance
  • The Superman lovers – Starlight
  • Groove Armada – My friend

Do you like it? Are you a nostalgic too? Nostalgia is a bad, bad thing.
Have a non-nostalgic weekend!


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