A Mexican duo: Communiòn

It is boring to listen everyday only English songs. We need something different a that’s what Communiòn are: first of all they’re Mexican and they sing in their mother-tongue, this has not to be taken for granted; second, their song is a non conventional indie rock.

Last year they released their first album Soltando Fantasmas and I really appreciate it. Their most famous video is Soltando fantasmas. Alexa and Diego combine electronic beats with acoustic sounds and a delicate voice. It’s a pity that rarely Mexican music arrives in Europe, because it is so special.

My favourite Communiòn song is Universo, the one that makes me knew them. It has some particular sounds that makes me remember of a creepy dolls house, but then a beautiful voice explodes and the song changes in something more danceable and energic.


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