Style #4

I love to wear pastel colour in spring. It is the season of coloured flowers, but I prefer to wear sparkle colours in summer.
In this period I like peach, beige, pastel yellow and pastel green, for example.

6086a1e8ef65990ad79a5214b68fba06Here’s the style I found. You would think that I prefer romantic and elegant look, but it’s only a case. I have a lot of sporty looks completed with a foulard.
Well, this outfit is perfect for work. These are the shoes I always choose in spring and they match perfectly with those soft black and white pants and the suit jacket. The only coloured thing in the look is the peach headwrap, simple and very long.

So, here all the colours are light and fresh, the result is easy but also serious.
What do you think about it? I think that at the moment this is my favourite!


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