Style #5

Easter is coming. Will you be with your family or with your friends? It will be a weekend of strolls and good feeds. And the outfit?


I had a crush with this one. I have a shiver down my spine every time I see it. It is simply perfect. This persimmon look is perfect for spring and also for Easter days.

A light and short jumper with a simple golden brooch lies on a midi skirt of the same colour. Gold matches perfectly with persimmon, so the kitten heels are marvellous. And at the end a peach touch with that beautiful turban.

It is a good look also for work, because it is elegant but not ambitious. It is just French. In fact it came from the Instagram account of, a marvellous French online shop you have too see.

What do you think about this outfit? Do you love it too?


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