It’s lazy playlist day: I love Italy

This is a special weekend, I want to share with my non-Italian friends some Italian music to let you know what’s great in my country. Making this list I couldn’t stop adding songs I love and I forced myself to stop at the twentieth.

We are so used to listen to English/American music that we often forget of the beauty we have in our country. It is a good thing to be open to what comes from abroad, but I think it is also a good think to love what’s ours.

So this is the list, you can find it also here on my Spotify:

  • Bruno Lauzi – Ritornerai
  • Equipe 84 – Tutta mia la città
  • Lucio Dalla – 4/3/1943
  • Gino Paoli – Senza Fine
  • Francesco De Gregori – La donna cannone
  • Mina – Ancora, ancora, ancora
  • Eugenio Finardi – Musica ribelle
  • Patty Pravo – Pensiero stupendo
  • Matia Bazar – Vacanze romane
  • Mia Martini – Almeno tu nell’universo
  • Fred Bongusto – Spaghetti, pollo, insalatina e una tazzina di caffè
  • Antonello Venditti – Notte prima degli esami
  • Daniele Silvestri – Le cose che abbiamo in comune
  • Elisa – Labyrinth
  • Zucchero – Così celeste
  • Cesare Cremonini – Mondo
  • Vasco Rossi – Siamo solo noi
  • Giorgio Gaber – La ballata del Cerutti

These songs are not new, I preferred to share with you the music we can’t forget. What do you think about them?

3 pensieri riguardo “It’s lazy playlist day: I love Italy

  1. That’s cool, never really listen before!
    I know this might not have anything to do the above playlist but I always wanted to ask an Italian what they really think of Mike Patton’s Mondo Cane album? do you know it? Maybe you might not? He’s Faith No More singer doing cover versions of 1950s and 1960s Italian pop music.

    1. I admit that I’ve never heard of Mondo Cane, even if I read that they registered it here in Bologna and I really like Roy Paci that contributed to it.
      Thank you for letting me know about it! I’m listening to it now, I know every song, and they’re reeeeally strange and beautiful with Mike Patton’s voice. Some of them seem to be Dream Theater’s songs.
      But I think that the title of the album doesn’t match with the contents: Mondo cane is like “damn” in English and almost every italian songs of the fifties/sixties talk about love XD


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