New band: The Away Days

The band of the day is The Away Days, from Istanbul!
Turkey is a special place for art and this group is something its country has to be proud of. They started of in 2012 with the indie pop EP, How did it all start, in which I like Hands a lot. I think they have something we can find in the British pop of the early 2000s, but you can also hear some shoegaze from the late eighties. In fact, they are inspired by some groups, first of all Portishead.

This year they release their first big album, Dreamed at dawn, very dreamy and powerful. World horizon is a very good example of new indie pop with a British influence and Places to go is a perfect connection with an eighties world (is there a bit of Duran Duran in it?)

So I think this is a good band to listen to if you need something new but you are devoted to British pop, as I am. Turkey is one of the state we don’t listen to carefully, but I think that some of its artists have something to say.

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