Style #6

Aren’t you thinking about summer yet? I can’t see the time to put on my swimsuit, forget about my pounds and my imperfections and put on my swimsuit. Because I love to go to the beach and my body won’t make me change my mind.


I’m a jeans shorts lover but I have none. I can’t find the right one. Or I find it but then I find out that they’re Levi’s and they cost like a normal long jeans. This is not fair.

Look how they’re beautiful in this American outfit. It makes you think about Daisy Duke, doesn’t it?
I love tartan shirt, this one is certainly light because this is a summer look. Even if those boots are not so summery. Wearing heavy boots like Dr. Marten’s is something I won’t do. Never.
Well, and what does complete perfectly this look? A bun held by a roll on bandanna.

This is a sporty look perfect for beach days and for your holidays away from home.

What do you think about it?


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