L’Occitane: antiage face cream and light face cream

I think it is funny and useful to let you see the difference in a cream for a 30 years old woman and a 50 years old woman. These are the face creams that my mother and I use. We are in love with L’Occitane, but we have different needs.

I need a light cream, I don’t care about wrinkles, but I want an elastic and well hydrated skin, so I chose Light Comforting Cream with 5% of shea butter. It is fresh and perfect for normal skin, it dries really quickly. And it is ideal with a liquid foundation.

My mother cares a lot about her face skin, it is perfect but she wants to prevent wrinkles, so she chose Precious Cream of the Immortelle line. It is richer than the other one because it has to nourish the skin and keep it elastic and young. She doesn’t use foundation but I think that with this type of cream you can use both liquid and compact foundation.

The difference between the two creams are a lot. In fact my Light cream costs 28€ and her Immortelle cream costs 52€. You can find them on the site loccitane.com in the section “collections”, one is under Immortelle line and one under Shea Butter line.

Tell me what you think about them if you’ll try them!


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