Style #8 and #9: children!


It’s time for a little cuteness! I love to style foulard, but I always show you ways to use it on women! And what if I tell you that you can style it on your little princesses? They would be so proud of their moms!

I think that a bit of colours on their clothes should be a beautiful solution for that time when you don’t know how to dress them. And what about their hair? A foulard often is better than a rigid headband; it can contain well the hair so the girls don’t have any bother.

So, the cuteness here on the left wears a very simple look with jeans, a shirt and All Stars. The headwrap is the only coloured thing together with the bracelets. How can be a girl more happy? So sporty and so girly at the same time.


Then, here on the right there’s another little princess with a summer uniform: a jeans overall, a white tee and suede boots. The blue bandanna is ton sur ton and contains the hair, that, I’m sure, with the wind would go everywhere!

I think it’s a great idea also for a gift for a baby girl to give her a colourful and useful foulard. What do you think about it?


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