Beauty routine: Nature’s aftersun emulsion

It’s already late summer and I’m whiter than white. I didn’t go to the beach or the pool yet, but that moment is coming. All August I will be the whitest princess of the Tuscan beaches. For me it’s very difficult to get tanned, but it is so easy to get sunburnt. So it is very important to use something to take care of my skin aftersun.

Actually, it’s important for everyone to take care of their own skin aftersun (and before). I found a perfect aftersun emulsion, with a very good smell, in a herbalist’s shop. Aftersun Emulsion by Nature’s it’s a face and body cream with bio-active organic sweet orange unicellular water, melon water and apricot juice. It’s not oily at all (I hate those product that doesn’t dry quickly) and it’s refreshing. It is made also for the most sensitive and delicate skin. Its natural ingredients have a lot of properties, for example melon has moisturising properties and apricot nourishing and soothing properties.

You can see it here on their site. There is also a page where you can see where it is distribuited Worldwide.

Nature’s adheres to Zero Impact, the LifeGate project that calculates, reduces and compensates carbon dioxide, and recycles packaging materials and uses cardboard instead of plastic in packaging fillers. Its products have no paraben, paraffin, mineral oils, GMOs, SLS and SLEs, DEA and formaldehyde releasers. No tests on animals.

Do you want to know also what I use to protect the skin under the beautiful but also bad sun? Still a Nature’s product. I’ll talk about Arga Sun Oil Invisible Spray tomorrow. Stay tuned!


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