Singer of the month: Shura

The singer of the month is Shura, an English singer-songwriter I discovered her few weeks ago. She decided to assume the creative control over the production of her music and I’m very impressed about this, it’s not a simple work.
Her sound touches a lot of genres: electropop, alternative r’n’b, new wave, indie, it’s not simple to define it. Her most famous single is Touch, I can see a lot of 1998-2002 sounds in there. It has a fresh base and her voice is soft and reassuring. I love this song, I can easily say that it’s my favourite Shura work and one of my favourite song of the latest years.

In 2016 she released the album Nothing’s Real with a lot of different kind of sounds. in some cases you hear eighties music with synthesizers, as in Nothing’s Real; sometimes you hear pure pop, as in What’s it gonna Be?.

I appreciate the choice of singing different style, we are in an era where everything is ok, everything is on vouge, nothing is new, and she decided to use what is mainstream to make something else. The era of the define subcultures has ended, we can be and listen to everything and she decided not to be labeled with only one type of music.

Do you like her too? Which is your favourite song?



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