Singer of the month: Elohim

This month’s special artist is Elohim, a fantastic singer from Los Angeles.
She is a mix of different types, I don’t know if I ever heard so many sounds in only one song. She can adapt various kinds of music to create some fresh sounds, all on an electro-pop arrangement. So we can say that she is an electro-pop singer but with a lot of influences. There’s another important thing to say about her: we don’t know who she is. I know, it’s a bit on vogue to hide nowadays, but we are also accustomed to see big egos all around, and I think that the choice of hiding is a very big choice. She also chose this important name, who’s meaning is God or Gods.

Talking about pure music, her album name’s Elohim (2016) is versatile and I think it can be appreciated from a lot of different people. My favourite song is Xanax, you have the sensation to listen to something after you take some sedative. So this sensation is actually great. This song is a bit r’n’b and tastes good in an all feminine playlist.
But my favourite song above all is Hallucinating, the choice of a mariachi arrangement is amazing. It is funny like a Kate Nash song and also sweet.

I think that we will se something special from this singer, this is only her first album and I want to know how she will grow up and evolve. What do you think about her music?



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