Singer of the month: Nita Chawla

The singer of the month is the beautiful Nita Chawla, born in Mississippi and grown up in Washington D.C. (now she’s in Los Angeles).
She’s a singer songwriter with a romantic soul, a bit like Fiona Apple. She touches different types of songs and plays the guitar very very well. I love who plays and sings, it’s not so predictable nowadays.
Her debut album Fall Again is a little pearl with a nineties taste. She has a powerful voice and this EP has all the American details we want to hear in an American album (from the sound of the guitar, to the chords).
But you can hear an evolution of her style in the newest album Grace: she is stronger, she is sweeter, she has grown up. My favourite song is Bite the bullet, in which there’s a lot of the sound of the South US, something we don’t have here in Europe. I love her rock core because it’s powerful but talks with sweetness.
Listen something from her music and tell me if you think the same!

Her site is



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