Playlist of the month: Buddha-bar

Hey everyone, it’s that time of the month, a new playlist has come! I chose some relaxing music this time, all from Buddha-bar‘s creators. Have you ever been to a Buddha-bar? I went to Paris some years ago but I didn’t know the original one was there! What a pity… but there are more of them now:  Madrid, Beirut, Dubai, New York, Las Vegas, Stockholm, Cairo, Sharm el-Sheikh, Amman, Lisbon, London, Sao Paulo, Monte Carlo. So, in a future journey…
Well, chill out music of this type has already 20 years, I love to hear some when I’m relaxing, when I have an aperitif with my boyfriend, when I’m in my beauty routine day (a marvellous day!). Here’s the ten songs I chose, you can also hear them here on my Spotify:

  • Ganga – 1000 years old
  • Jasmon – Oriental Cafe
  • Professor Oz – Etc
  • AyOwA – Sommer
  • Arno Elias – Osmyo
  • Riccardo Eberspacher – Setira
  • Tibet Project – Tibet (A Passage To…)
  • Aria – Un Bel Di
  • Thor – Dari Lullaby
  • Sina Vodjani – Straight To The Heart

My favourite one is Sommer by AyOwA, very sweet and also a bit trip hop. Do you like this playlist? What is your favourite Buddha-bar song?


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