It’s movie marathon day: Halloween!

Ok, it’s October and it’s obviously the pumpkin month, the Halloween month, the falling leaves month… so I think that it is appropriate to dedicate the movie marathon to Halloween. Horror movies are not my favourite but I appreciate some of them. For example, I’m waiting for the exit of It in theatres.
However I didn’t chose only horror movies, so prepare a big bowl of sweet popcorn, some candies and chocolate and enjoy your Halloween month (because I think that Halloween deserves to have an entire month, not only a night).

  • Halloween, 1978, directed by John Carpenter, with Donald Pleasence and Jamie Lee Curtis. It’s a traditional Halloween movie, it has everything you need on a Halloween night: fear, a mad person, murders. John Carpenter is unique with horror films, he recreates the right atmosphere every time. And Jamie Lee Curtis is perfect in every role she does. There are a lot of Halloween chapters but I don’t like them all.
  • Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s stone, 2001, directed by Chris Columbus, with Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson. First I thought to make an entire movie marathon on Harry Potter, it’s a dream to spend an entire night watching all the movies, but I know that it’s not normal… I’m not normal. So I thought that it’s better to put only the first iconic chapter with the little mage and his friends.
  • The Conjuring, 2013, directed by James Wan, with Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson. I’m not into new horror movies. Usually they head towards scare the public without good reasons, there’s not a good story behind the fear. But this one is a good movie. I also saw the second chapter and I appreciated it. Supernatural horror movies scares me more than those thriller/horror movies with, for example, a mad person.

What do you think about this list? Which are your favourite Halloween movies and Horror movies?
And most important thing: did you choose an Halloween costume? I want to see it! Tag me on Instagram (@thelazyfactory)!



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