Singer of the month: Sara Loreni

I’m proud to say that the singer of this month is Italian. Sara Loreni is a talented performer from Parma, her best friend is her loop station. It’s so cool that one person can be an orchestra of voices with a sampler. So what kind of music does she do? Obviously a sampler makes your music electronic, so I can say that electro-alternative-pop is her genre. She remembers me a bit of Meg from 99 Posse, a nineties Italian alternative band, but also others Italian bands like Il Genio. Therefore something Italian and alternative. She has a powerful but sweet voice that well associates with the sounds she makes.
In 2015 she released her first album “Mentha“(Mint), as fresh as its name. I like the modern sounds  and the retro type of songs she registered on them. I like Dovresti alzare il volume (the video is very cute) but it’s wonderful to see and listen her live, for example in this video of Per non fare rumore. Here you can understand how all her work is done. We don’t see this type of music frequently in Italy, but it’s pleasant to hear and listen to.

What do you think about her music? Do you know any other singer who does a sound work like this? 



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