The Lazy Factory relocated!

Yes, it is true. I moved. Well, we moved.

At the end of last year Stefano asked me “What about going abroad?”. I was already ready with all my things packed before he ended the sentence.

After some travels around Europe, Stefano found a good job in Zurich and I said “Why not?”. I was not so scared, because Zurich is not so far away from my hometown in Italy, it is only 360 km far away. I can also find some Italian things at the supermarket and this is a relief.

So, now we’re here in a beautiful 58 square metre apartment with 3 rooms, a kitchen and a bathroom. It is not so easy to find a house a cute house) here in Zurich; the demand is high but the offer is not. We were very lucky to we found a very nice apartment. There is a lot of green all around and it’s a quite place.

Foto 28-05-18, 15 21 16

Will this be the right place to start my blankets activity? We’ll see!

At the moment I am searching for a job to gain a long permit and trying to decorate this EMPTY house. Yes, we have only a white kitchen (thank God at least we have it) and a few things we brought from Italy. So I thought it would be funny to decorate it with you and to share with you some inspiration I find around!

I am searching everywhere but, you know, when you are at the beginning, Ikea is always the best. You can always buy other things or modify what you bought.

I think I’ve finally fall into adulthood because I can’t stop thinking about home forniture. That’s not all, I am cooking a lot and I want to share what I don’t burn with you.

Aaaaand I would like to try some DIY without glueing my hands together.

So, will you travel through home interiors with me?

Foto 28-05-18, 15 22 39.jpg


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