New kitchen, new recipes!

The only thing that we found already in our new home (apart from the bathroom) is the kitchen. The kitchen room is small but the cabinets are really functioning and spacious. The whole worktop is made of steel, very nice but a little complicated to clean. Many spots remain if you don’t dry it properly.

Foto 02-06-18, 13 46 18

At the moment I have only the essential things, but I am planning to buy other accessories, more dishes and glasses. And I need your help to find the cutest things!

There are a lot of big shops here in Zurich where I can find useful (and not) objects for the kitchen and the rest of the house. I saw Manor and Pfister, for example, not far from me. There are also a lot of designer shops, obviously the prices are higher. But there is always the dear old friend Ikea.

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Unfortunately for me, an Italian girl obsessed with Italian homemade food, the freezer is really really small. How am I supposed to preserve all the marvellous food my mother will send me?

Well, I have to figure it out because at the moment it’s already full of products from Piacenza and I can’t buy ice-cream! Isn’t this a big summer problem?

Well, considering that I am at home at the moment, searching for a job, I’ll probably try to cook some things. Would you like to see what I try not to burn?

Anyway, I am very happy to have found a furnished kitchen, it is a long job to find the right and tailor-made cabinets. Then, being this house for rent, it would not be convenient to take the kitchen away the moment we leave.

But I am also a bit sad because there are lot of types of kitchen that I really love. For example the industrial type, on vogue in this period, essential and functioning, with exposed wood and steel. Or the shabby chic style, made of fake-ruined wood, also on vogue, but I don’t know if it is a bit boring after some times.

Well, I’ll enjoy myself decorating it with trays, rags and jars.

What is the most important things for you to have in your kitchen?


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