New sofa, more laziness

Obviously the photo over the title is not mine, you can find it on the Ikea site (click here to see it and the product). I used it because you know that our living room is almost empty and, how you’ll figure out when you’ll see the photo here under, it wouldn’t be so beautiful to share in the title a photo with only a sofa. That said, I am so happy about this purchase I barely leave it to go to the bathroom.

Foto 14-06-18, 13 21 15.jpg

So, I am sorry for the bad photo but I would like to show you all the passages that we make to create a cozy home and this is the first.

We didn’t assemble it ourselves, it took less than 10 minutes to the technicians to do it. Well, it’s comfortable and the seat is wide. The faux leather is perfect if you have a boyfriend that eat ice-cream on the sofa and could drop it any moment. It’s very easy to clean, obviously. I’m trying to search some cushion to enrich it, which colours do you think will fit well on it? I think I will use a lot of colours, because we will have a white dining table, black chairs and maybe a white tv cabinet, so I think that some bright colours are needed.

We love the chaise lounge, you can choose to put it on the right or left side of the sofa and we chose to put it right in front of the tv! Also because we want to put the dining table in front of the big window.

This couch has a storage, perfect for all the blankets we love to have on the sofa in winter (and I think that winter here will require at least five blankets each), and it is also a bed! We plan to have a lot of guests: our parents, relatives, our friends, they all live far away, so we needed more space to host them.

Foto 14-06-18, 09 53 57

It is simple to open and it becomes a two sizes bed. Perfect for our needs.

What do you think about it? Did you notice that I am the biggest couch potato in the whole world?

And most important, what kind of sofa do you have?


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