Home inspirations: dining tables

It’s the place where all the family reunites after a long day at work, it’s the place where people do a lot of things, from eating pizza to creating pieces of art: I’m talking about the dining table!

Is it important to have a good dining table? Well, I think it depends on where you put it. There are people who have it in the kitchen and most of the time it matches the colours of the forniture. There are people who have a dining room (lucky people) and they can create a theme for the room. There are people (like me, for the first time) that have a space for THE table in the living room. So it has to match the sofa and the tv cabinet (if you desire).

from architecturaldigest.com

So, as usually, I found some beautiful pieces online on my favourite sites (I’ll make some articles about them). Let’s start with this important table from Architectural Digest (here’s the link to the article). It seems to be a simple and light  hardwood table, but then come the legs, massive, dark and oblique. It is from Fort Standard Studio, based in Brooklyn. And this room is from his founder’s house.

Is there a chair that matches perfectly this table? I think that the choices are multiple. Architectural Digest gives me so many ideas every time.

from jungalow.com

Another beautiful idea is a round table. It gives a more intimate space to the table companions. Everybody can see perfectly the other people.

This is from The Jungalow, my favourite site (here’s the link to the article). It is a simple table on vogue this year, with a white top and only one central leg. These chairs (on vogue too) match perfectly.

I think that all this white makes the room brighter and, besides, you can add different kinds of furniture. This table is very neutral and the house owner, the singer/songwriter Katie Zamprioli, decided to add bohemian furnitures. I love everything in this room.

from elledecor.com

Last but not least, if you have a dull room, maybe all white, why don’t you add some color with a beautiful flowery table? Don’t you love this from Elle Decor (here’s the link to the article)? I love it very much. The brand is Liberty for Anthropologie and it’s so seventies! You can add the same chairs or you can choose some of a single colours. Take a look at their site! I think they deserve an article.

So, what do you think about these tables? Which colour do you prefer? Where is your dining table?


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