Once upon a time a white dining table

Once upon a time a princess and his prince went to Ikea for a dining table. The princess was very scared because she knew how it is boring for a prince to do a job like that. But, surprise! after a quick research through all the dining tables, the prince shouted out: “This one!”. The princess looked what he was pointing at and she fell in love.

A white dining table was shining there.

from ikea.ch

Ok, enough. But that was the fairy tale of what really happened. He fell in love with a dining table that I immediately loved too. It is the Ekedalen model, you can find it here. 

It is the perfect table for us because it lights up the room (that at the moment is a bit empty. We have only the sofa and the tv!).

Foto 11-07-18, 09 03 56Foto 11-07-18, 09 05 07

See? The room is a bit empty, so my photos are not so cute. However, it is an extendible table, so when we will have some friends (and more chairs) we will have no problems. It is a wood table, painted in a white and resistant color. It is very simple to clean.

from Ikea.it

Luckily, I found also these beautiful photos from the Ikea sites. They have always very good interior designers that give you beautiful ideas! And so you can see the dining table in a cuter context.

It is perfect both in a dark or bright room, in a kitchen, in a living room and in a dining room.

We bought black chairs but you can choose lighter ones or colored ones. i’ll talk about the chairs next week.

So, what do you think about it? What is your type of dining table?


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