My favourite home decor sites: The Jungalow

(All the images in this article are properties of Justina Blakeney and The Jungalow LLC.)

I have always been into interior design, as into fashion. I think they have a lot in common. But it has been only a few months since I decided to write about interiors, because I have the opportunities to fully decorate my new house. In these months I discovered a lot of beautiful big and little companies that sell furnitures and decorations and that give a lot of advices.

I have obviously a favourite one. And I am a bit astonished, because I’ve always been a fan of minimalism and black and white. I still love it today, but this woman and her company made me open my mind in favour of the bohemian style!

I am talking about Justina Blakeney and her I love everything about her website, blog and e-shop, and I look forward to have a good job so I can buy almost every piece from it.

Justina Blakeney is a designer and an artist and also wrote the bestselling books The New Bohemians and The New Bohemians Handbook. The first thing you can see from her site is that she loves colours. And I think that people who love colours are the best.

You can see the houses she decorated, the houses that inspire her, then there’s a DIY section that I really love, a cooking recipes section, a blog and THE shop with a lot of bohemian (obviously) things.

Here are the link to these beauty examples from The Jungalow e-shop: the hanging chair link, the ceramic lanterns link and the rug link.

Not only is a very good designer and interior stylist, but she talks also about herself and that’s something I really love. There are too many cold sites, without feelings between the pages. The Jungalow is warm and it makes you happy. Maybe I’m searching something like this because from the moment I came in Switzerland I understood that a bit of happiness everyday, with a smile along the streets, a cute article from a site like this,  a little puppy on Instagram, is what makes you live better. Swiss people smile a lot!

So, I suggest you to visit her site, you’ll love it! And I want to know what do you think about it!


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