My favourite home decor sites: Wayfair

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One of the most well furnished site I’ve ever seen is You can also find the US version and the German-austrian version. You can find there anything, in every colour and every style. I am into kitchen accessories at the moment and I am a bit lost in the pages of Wayfair, there are any sort of dishes, cups, mugs, pieces of silverware…

And the vases? When I’ll have the new balcony (I think that the carpenters are almost done) I would like to put some plants in cute vases on it and on this site you can find the right vases (see the featured image for a satisfying example).

The colours are amazing, you can really change your house from the top to the floor in a hurry with all these colourful objects.

And the prices? There are a lot of different prices for every type of furniture or accessories so you can find the one on your budget.

All you have to do is starting to explore and you will surely find the piece you’re looking for!

Did you know Wayfair? Do you like it?


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