Home inspirations: pillows

When you start to buy other things than the essential furnitures, you can possibly feel a bit disoriented. The furnitures site are a lot but you know how much you can spend so you know more or less where to go. But when you move on the details, as pillows for example, you enter a new infinite world: there too many sites and shops out there!

Instagram and Pinterest are two perfect social network in which you can find a lot of style as example, a lot of new little online shops share their products there. And then there is also Etsy, a perfect site if you want to support little artisans, because yes, little artisans levelled up and you can find them online!

from instagram.com/kaekoo

The first find is a cute online shop entirely dedicated to handmade pillows: I found Kaekoo Shop on Instagram and I loved every single pillow. Over all I like those faux leather pillows, perfect for a boho-chic home. You can find it also here on Instagram.

from holistichabitatclt.com

Another cute site is Holistic Habitat. I found it on Instagram too, I love its naive style. You can find there also other home decor goodies. My favourite pillows on this site are these indigo batik (you can find them here) that go well with every sofa (except leather sofas maybe).

from etsy.com/shop/ShopDecorPainting

Then there is the new type of pillows that I love so much (I would like to do one by myself): Shop Decor Painting is a little artisanal shop on Etsy that makes these cloudy knot pillows in a lot of beautiful colours. I think that a pair of yellow knot pillows should fit perfectly on my sofa! You can find them at this link.

from etsy.com/shop/SewAndCloth

Last but not least, there is also another type of bohemian pillows, simple and bright. I found Sew and Cloth on Etsy too and I really fell in love with the simplicity of her products that go on eerything. I think they’re perfect also on the outside furnitures. You can find this one in the photo here at this link.

So, what is your favourite pillow? Where do you buy yours?


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