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Zurich restaurants: Wesley’s Kitchen

It’s time to explore the culinary part of Zurich. One of the beautiful things of this city is that is the most multicultural zone of all Switzerland. So you can find every type of cuisine to try. My boyfriend and I spent a very good dinner at Wesley’s Kitchen in Josefstrasse,48 (near Langstrasse) in Kreis 5.

I tried only to dishes and I loved them very much. These up are the most wonderful dumplings I’ve ever tried and the little cup contains a spicy sauce that is perfect with them and a bit of soy sauce. Dumplings are not a news in the Chinese restaurants but the next dish really is.

I tried these pork ribs with champagne sauce. They were a big surprise: the ribs were very good cooked and the sauce was sweet and sour, with a touch of cinnamon and chives. They tasted really good and I think that I’ll come back at Wesley’s kitchen for them!


I am a dumplings lover, both Italian and Chinese. So I love to try every type of dumpling I find on my way. Next time I would like to try thes that I found on Wesley’s Kitchen site.

Have you tried this restaurant? Did you like it? I’ll give it a big OK from The Lazy Factory!

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