My pillows are kitscher than yours

I think I’m very lucky because even if I live now in another state, I’m not too far from home. My family lives in the North of Italy, so in 5 hours by train I can go see them. I went there twice last month, once for a friend’s wedding and once for my brother’s graduation at University (I’m so so proud!) and both the time I obviously went there with an empty suitcase. Do you wonder why? To fill it with Italian goodies, obviously! Salami, biscuits, Nutella (I don’t know why but Nutella in Switzerland is too sweet), some clothes…

Well, last time we put a lot of glass in my boyfriend’s suitcase (honey, extra virgin olive oil…) and my mother said: “I have a surprise for you that is also useful for all those glasses in the suit case! You bought a sofa but you don’t have pillows yet! So here they are!”


Now, do you understand the title?

Don’t misunderstand me, I love cats. My boyfriend too. And I think that the colours of these pillows goes well with the sofa and the rest. But in any case they’re cat pillows.

By the way they are a present from my mother so we will take care of them and I’ll mix them with other colours pillows. They have a bit of pink so maybe some pink pillows… or also solid color pillows, maybe beige or cream.

Foto 01-08-18, 10 53 17

Well, anyway, they’re my companions in these days in which I’m alone at home. With a book and the most wonderful chips I’ve ever tried (from Migros).


So, do you have something kitscher to show me? Do you like cat pillows?

If you’re a bit envious about my pillows, don’t worry, on Etsy you can find a lot of them! Here’s the link to the kitsch world!  And here on the left there’s an example of a cute cat pillow from Wraptious, a little shop on Etsy too. I really love its pillows.


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