My favourite home decor sites: Kartell

(All the images in this article belong to Kartell)

If you want to decorate your house or  your studio with something special, out of the line, but simple at the same time, I think that Kartell is the best of its kind.



From the iconic plastic lamp Bourgie, that mix baroque style with a pleated top, to the new sinuous chairs Masters, hybrids made of different styles chairs, Kartell gives you the opportunity to style your place in a different way. The marvellous thing is that Kartell encourages you to mix styles, to melt antique forniture with modern plastic decorations with a unique touch. Their pieces are modern but quote the most iconic styles of the past, from the baroque to the liberty.



There are also a lot of special projects that Kartell does with some artist, like this one above “La Double J for Kartell“, that allows it to create a lot of new art pieces with a different view of the design on the market. Preserving the beauty of Made in Italy, obviously.

Am I proud to be as Italian as Kartell? I am.


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