Zurich: Kreisbüro or not Kreisbüro?

When you are an expat is really difficult to understand immediately how Zurich works.

Well, it is a really well organized city and everything is easy to do (when you have already a job).

Every district has its own Kreisbüro, the municipality where you do every bureaucratic thing.

First of all, it’s the first place where you have to go when you find a house (find a job -> find a house -> go to the Kreisbüro). You have to register there so you can receive your permit.

Example, I live in Altstetten, it is in Kreis 9, I go to the Kreisbüro number 9 nearby.

My boyfriend had a job before we came here, so after we found a house and went to the Kreisbüro, he received a B permit (a working permit for 5 years).

On the contrary, I didn’t have a job when we came here, so after we went to the Kreisbüro, the Immigration Department asked me some questions about what I was doing to search a job and if I could sustain myself in the period without a job. After I answered these questions I received a L permit (a fixed term permit) for 6 months.

So, the Kreisbüro is a really important place where you have to go. They also speak English, so you don’t have to worry about it!


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