It’s movie marathon day: Switzerland

I want to dedicate this movie marathon to the country that is hosting my boyfriend and me. I really love Switzerland and Zurich, even if I remember the time in which Italians were not so comfortable here and not welcome (as in many other countries).
Luckily, times have changed and the gentleness of the Swiss people is awesome.

So I chose one movie that remember the history in a tragicomical way and two movies that show the beauty of the Swiss mountains.

  • Bread and chocolate (1974), directed by Franco Brusati, with Nino Manfredi, Johnny Dorelli and Anna Karina. This is a tragicomic movie about Italian immigrants in Switzerland. Perfect for who doesn’t remember that we were immigrants too.
  • Goldfinger (1964), directed by Guy Hamilton, with Sean Connery, Honor Blackman and Gert Fröbe. A classic James Bond movie with my favourite 007, who doesn’t love Sean Connery and the beautiful song “Goldfinger” sang by Shirley Bassey?
  • Youth (2015), directed by Paolo Sorrentino, with Michael Cane, Harvey Keitel and Rachel Weisz. In this movie Switzerland is the magical background that everyone wants to have.


What do you think about these movies? Would you change one or more of them for your movie marathon?


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